Hi everyone! My name is Ritvars, and I’m the guy who started mynetfreedom.com – the website dedicated to all entrepreneurs and hustlers out there.
You see, there are two types of people in this world, hustlers and everyone else.
When I was in High School, I started my first business, selling homework assignments to my slower-minded classmates. I didn’t get rich from that venture, but I immediately realized I would be an entrepreneur.

Since then, I have lived in six different countries across the globe. During my journey, I have had my ups and downs. Some downs were so deep that I thought I will never get out of this hole…With this experience under my belt, I made Mynetfreedom.com to be the site I would have liked to have come across when I was searching for what to do next.

My Background

My background is a little different to most bloggers as I have been the employee, the employer, and the hustler myself, and I actually have an experience in eCommerce.

My first eCommerce website I created back in 2008. Since then, I have managed different online shops – large, small, and everything in between. So, I know the online business behind the scenes. Over the years, I have used different eCommerce platforms and used various payment service providers in different countries, including many of these that I review on this website!

Besides, I am curious and dumb enough not to be afraid to experiment. When I see an opportunity, I’d rather try and fail than be sorry that I didn’t try it at all. 

I am not slinging drugs or creating an illegal ring of Russian prostitutes, but I am going to share my tips on being a creative hustler…

Mynetfreedom.com is about helping you find solutions when needed and pursue your own version of the perfect life.