Friendship For Rent! How To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

Friendship For Rent! How To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

A discussion is still going on whether technology has really made us lonelier. Not so long ago, friendship was part of a shrinking list of desired outcomes, including happiness, wisdom, and good weather that can’t be bought for money. But no more! These days everyone can get paid to be a virtual friend.

And since the Chinese virus is going around and we are forced to social distancing, might be that market for commercial virtual friendship is on its way to unprecedented heights.

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Friendship For Rent! How To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend |

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What does virtual friends mean?

Virtual friend is someone you have never met physically rather interacted through different means of communication like Discord, WhatsApp, video chat etc. The term virtual itself means that something is present therein essence but in reality, it may not be there. These types of friends happen on the internet, and gaming sites.

You may have made a virtual friend on an online tech forum, but don’t expect that person to meet you for coffee. So, by definition, “virtual friendship” is the type of friendship that exists on the internet, and hardly or never is combined with real-life interaction.

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Is it really possible to get paid to be an online friend?

Yes, thanks to several platforms on the internet, you can get paid to be a virtual friend of a total stranger. In most cases, you can set up a price for your “friendship”. I am not talking about those “adult friendships” from Chaturbate, although that is also legit side hustle if you are old enough and into this stuff.

I am ranting about strictly platonic services. As a matter of fact, more and more websites are popping up these days that provide opportunities for those who want to get paid to be a virtual friend.

In general, websites trading companionship for money isn’t new. For almost a decade, this niche was dominated by Craigslist. Until last spring, when after the passage of legislation aimed at ending sex trafficking that would find websites hosting prostitution ads liable, Craigslist shut down its personals section.

Webcam services such as Omegle continue to offer free or paid opportunities to interact virtually one-on-one with people worldwide. Still, for many American consumers, their reputations are primarily associated with pornography.

On the flip side, Platonic togetherness has yet to enter average American consideration as a product that can be bought or sold. This is in stark contrast to some eastern countries where the platonic companionship market is more established. For example, let’s take Japan, where people who are short on relatives can hire a husband, a mother, or a grandson.

Rental services of this kind have been around for more than two decades in Japan and now starting to pop up also in the Western World.

List of Websites which offers to get paid to be a virtual friend

Here’s a list of the most popular platforms where you can get paid to be an online friend.

List of Websites which offers get paid to be a virtual friend service |

This virtual companionship site is another good option for those who want to get paid to be an online friend. You can offer your services in one of these four categories:

  • Virtual Friend,
  • Virtual Girlfriend
  • Companion
  • Virtual Gamer

FriendPC offers tons of options for engaging with your new friend that you could possibly imagine. This includes text messages, chat rooms, phone calls, online calls…you name it, whatever works for you.

Signing up for a FriendPC account as a Member is totally free. Depending on what services you choose to offer as a Virtual Friend, you may be charged a small fee to cover your listings.

Once you begin earning money by providing Services to Members, you’ll take home 90%-95% of your earnings from each booking. Payments are made after two days of completing a service.

Platform users have to pay a small fee to request to engage with you.

The site also points out that it’s not just for people looking for virtual friendship, but also for those looking to learn a new skill or even get a life coach.

If this sounds like something you’d be able to provide, give FriendPC a chance. is a virtual dating site where you can earn money by flirting online. The platform allows you to flirt with strangers and make money at the same time.

There are a lot of stories about online friendships that lead to awkwardness after meeting in real life. As stated in the official site description, Phrendly is made for people who only like the idea of online relationships.

In real-world, when someone wants to know you more, they would keep the conversations going by buying you a drink. The same principles works in Phrendly; your “phrends” will buy you a “virtual” drink which you can convert into real money. The more you chat with people, the more drinks you gain, and in return, the more earnings you get.

Phrendly is considered a safe dating site because all the interactions are done online. In fact, the site itself encourages conversations to be done only on the platform. You have to give your mobile number during the sign-up process, which is only used for sign-up. The site itself is free to use.  However, when you earn something, the site gets a portion of it.

companionship for money | Rentafriend

Rentafriend is the oldest and most popular platonic companionship for money platform in the United States. It is strictly a platonic friendship site. As of Monday, October 19, 2020, there were over 621,585 Friends available for rent worldwide.

This service does just what it says it does – it lets you rent someone to be your friend. Despite the fact it’s mainly focused real-life encounters, it is possible to limit yourself to being a virtual friend, so you’ll only talk online with people. costs

“Rent-a-friend” is free for everyone who wants to “rent” themselves. Anyone looking for “renting friends” pays a monthly membership fee of $24.95. Each “friend” decides for himself what his services cost. It could be up to $50 per hour. Fees can often be negotiated individually if the customer wants a reduced option.

How it works

No money is exchanged through, which means the site is essentially a big list of profiles with a simple messaging service that mostly serves as a jumping-off point to text or phone friends directly — a remarkably similar platform to most dating sites.

Some of the common ways people have been using this site are for renting a friend to take to an after-work-party or a wedding they don’t want to show up alone. To have somebody to show them around in an unfamiliar city, or someone simply has an extra ticket for a baseball game they don’t want to attend alone.

Members can peruse local “wannabe rented friends” profiles, check out their pictures, and read their profile stories. They can see a list of their preferred activities and physical traits, including height, eye and hair color, and body type. This is where RentAFriend diverges from standard expectations of a platonic relationship and shift closer to a dating app or site. The presence of physical data points in each profile has a distinctly meat-market vibe.

RentAFriend is explicit about friends offering “platonic non-sexual non-physical friendship only.” The site also makes it clear that friends should report “inappropriate” messages or profiles.

Get paid to be a virtual friend | is social platform with a similar concept to pen pals. You can register yourself as a Cyberfriend, or you can rent a Cyberfriend.

Visitors can browse Gigs or profiles of Cyber Friends and request an engagement or rent a virtual friend’s services at the published hourly rate. To post a Gig, you must be a RentaCyberFriend Member.

This is not a dating or sex site. Platforms admins urge Visitors/Users and Cyber-Friends alike to use good judgment and be careful about releasing personal information to anyone for their own safety. If anyone tries to solicit sexual favors or exhibits other inappropriate or abusive behavior, they ask to report that individual to administration immediately!

Cyber-Friend sellers can post a clearly defined Gig, which is separate from their hourly service for a fixed price. For example, a Seller might state they offer Gourmet Cooking advice and chat to a Buyer about cooking for an agreed period of time.

Some other examples of services that can be offered are:

  • help someone practice language,
  • Give someone fitness tips
  • Just chat with someone in need for conversation.

How much does it cost to be a Rentacyberfriend Member?

Basic Membership is free! After that, you can choose Gold, Silver, or Bronze Membership, depending on how much activity you think you will have per month. Only registered Members can sell services, and you need to make your Profile public.

To get paid to be a virtual friend, first, sign up on their website. In your profile, describe yourself, your hobbies, and mention your top 10 interests. Upload your photo and select a payment plan. You can choose any option that is convenient for you. Once your profile is created, you can post gigs (service) along with the price rate for the specific gig. You can select a reasonable rate for your service and start earning money.

The withdrawal minimum is $75. You can get paid via PayPal or Check by mail.

Adult oriented online companionship for money

Up to this point, we are discussing web services that offer strictly platonic virtual togetherness. As you imagine, there are also more adult-oriented services out there. Let’s say you are not interested in performing on Chaturbate, but you have nothing against spicy, adult oriented chat conversations. With the services listed down below, you can get paid to be a virtual friend with benefits. In other words, you can get paid for adult-oriented online conversations. 


Adult oriented online companionship for money |

Premium.Chat is a very innovative platform that allows you to get paid to chat with clients, fans, and followers. Although this service is more appropriate if you already have some followers base, you can still use it to get paid to be a virtual friend.

Basically, you can use Premium.Chat to offer paid chat – the way you want it. You can create your Premium.Chat profile and share links on social media, your website, or in emails and direct messages. Alternatively, you can create your own paid chat widget for your website.

Premium.Chat costs

To open an account on Premium Chat is totally free. There are no monthly or upfront costs. While setting up your account, you will be offered to choose between a flat rate or a pay per minute option. Easily set text and video chat fees that work for you – from $0.50 to $5.99/minute, or up to $50 for flat-rate chat.

Premium.Chat make payouts by Direct Deposit or PayPal on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s chats, with full accounting.

This is an effortless way to get paid to be a virtual friend without intermediaries. Open your account, set up your prices, and then promote your chat link on your social media.

Get paid to be a virtual friend | Arousr

Arousr is an adult chat platform with several options to make money. The first is through text sessions. After signing up for Arousr, you will receive texts from different people. The first ten messages of each chat are free, but you can switch the chat to a premium mode after those. This means your chat partners will have to pay if they want to keep talking to you.

Video chats are another option how to make money on Arousr. This works similarly as with text messages. It’s a one on one conversation, and after trial minutes, you get paid by the minute

Photo and video trade is another way to earn money on this platform. This works similarly to other pay-per-view platforms. Your potential customers will only be able to view these pictures only once they purchase them from you.

Finally, you can make money through tips. If somebody likes you or your content, they can give you a tip.

MyGirlFund – MyGirlFund is a website for people who want a relationship but are too busy to get one. It is a platform where you meet many interesting and diverse people, albeit most of them are strong female characters.

Although their rates are not publicly available, the platform claims that users can make about $40,000 a year.


Get paid to be a virtual friend |

Text121Chat is one of the industry’s most prominent interactive media and adult phone operator service providers, specializing in interactive media, SMS & MMS text messaging, and chat services. Although this platform is focused more on adult-related conversations, your services don’t necessarily need to be oriented since this platform also offers tarot readings, trivia, and other forms of entertainment.

How do I apply?

Text121Chat is always on the lookout for text chat operators. Potential candidates must have High-Speed Internet, Headphones to accept the calls via VOIP, good imagination, clear speaking voice, and good communication skills. The calls taken range from flirty to adult.

To apply for one of Text121Chat at home jobs, simply email [email protected] for application.


Pay me to be your friend |

Chat Recruit is a UK company offering people worldwide an excellent opportunity to earn money with paid webcam chat, phone chat, or messaging services. The same as with Text121, this company mostly focuses on the adult thematic. However, you can still restrict yourself to non-erotic performance or conversations.

According to information on their site, Chat Recruit has several payment rates to choose from, and all of these are paid via wire transfers. The average initial earning of chat representatives is about $2 per minute.

To apply to Chat Recruit, you have to be at least 18 years old. The onboarding process is easy. All you need to do is register online and choose from their list of services, whichever you are comfortable with.

Get paid to be a virtual friend

Do you have a pleasant personality and love to talk with new and exciting people? Do you love to spend time on social networking and online community sites? Do you wish to earn a high income through a fun and easy job right from the comfort of your own home?

If the answer is yes, then probably Flirtbucks is the solution for you. This website hooks up their clients with chat hostesses via a very user-friendly chat console. Although this website isn’t considered an all-out adult dating website, most of its services bend towards adult content, and you need to be at least 18 or over to apply.

FlirtBucks is not a cam performer or phone actress program. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, take orders from anyone, and no nudity is required. As a chat hostess, you can be yourself. Unlike other programs, FlirtBucks puts YOU in control.

You only chat with users YOU want to chat with and talk about the things YOU want to discuss. If you can multitask, have good conversation skills, and a great personality, you can also make great money working from the comfort of your own home.

To start as a chat hostess, you can apply directly on their webpage. All you need is PC and a high-speed internet connection.

Lipservice is one of the oldest voice and text chat agencies in the United States. Also, with this company – although they provide several services, most focus is on adult entertainment. In other words, sexting and sex-over-the-phone type services. If you apply for this job from home, you will provide kinda “virtual friend with benefits” services.

Though it is not stated directly on the Lipservice website, some FB ads show that they pay their operators up to $18 per hour.

This might be your solution for easy money if you live by yourself and you don’t have to be concerned about other household members making noises while you are on the phone or being uncomfortable with the explicit language you are using.

How much can you make being an online friend?

This is entirely up to you. In this business, you are in the driver’s seat. The more you work, the more you earn. You are the one who set up the price for your service. And you are the one who decides how many hours you are willing to spend being a virtual friend. In an interview with Flutter magazine, “Virtual friend” from Germany, Anette said that she charges around $25 to $50 an hour when she gets paid to be an online friend. Depending on the month, she earns $2,000 to $3,000 with this activity alone.

I reckon you’re with me when I say that it is a lot of money for just chatting with someone online, listening to their problems, giving them some friendly advice, and maybe the occasional video chat.

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Pay me to be your friend! Who does that kind of thing?

There are so many lonely and depressed people in this world. You will not believe it. According to Cigana’s US loneliness index, nearly half of the population says they experience loneliness frequently in the United States alone.

Add to this recent development of Corona crisis, social distancing, and work from home. It is safe to say; you may also have someone in your circle of relatives and friends who would be willing to pay for the services of a virtual friend.

Many people are just too lonely, disabled, or bored or have moved to a different country where they are not aware of anything and need some assistance. Or just looking for fun and hence make new friends in the new city or town.

What kind of services does a virtual friend do?

Just think of the kind of stuff you do with your ‘real’ friends online. Probably the same things you are also expected to do when you get paid to be a virtual friend.

Expect to be a listener. If someone is ready to pay you for friendship, it means there are plenty of things in his / her mind and heart.

A virtual friendship should be completely platonic (No romance involved). However, it is up to the two people involved how they want to go ahead. After the paid friendship term has ended, it’s entirely up to both parties to resolve how to define their relationship.

If you are becoming a virtual friend, then you should expect to have:

  • online chats
  • conversations on phone
  • video chats

Is it safe to be an online companion?

Although the concept of getting paid to be a virtual friend means that your relationship is only virtual, it’s no doubt that the internet can be a scary place sometimes. But still, as long as you follow some necessary safety measures, you should be fine.

You might assume that people looking for virtual friends are complete weirdos, but normally that is not the case.

As I wrote before, they are more often solitary for one reason or another. Possibly they are disabled and unable to get out much. Or extremely shy or recently moved to a new area and don’t have any friends yet. Several studies show that many people find it better to talk to others online rather than in person.

There are a couple of things that will make your journey to get paid to be a virtual friend extra safe:

  • Never give your home address or traceable phone number to your companionship for money clients.
  • Some people who get paid for companionship also choose to give a fake name.
  • Don’t agree to an in-person meet up if you’re not up for it.
  • Trust your instinct

How to get paid to be an online virtual friend

I guess at this point; you are wondering how to get paid to be a friend online. Thousands of people are using this side hassle to make hundreds of dollars in extra money each week. Do you want to be among them?

Honestly, the onboarding process varies from site to site, but in general, here is what you should do:

  • Choose a pay me to be your friend platform. Sign up and create a profile
  • Fill up some forms and teste to showcase your personality
  • Add description about yourself and your special qualities which make you stand out of the crowd.
  • Set up your price.
  • Wait for offers.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Get Paid to Be a Virtual Friend

Friend renting sites are an uncomplicated, fun, and unconventional way to make money online. You can use your social skills to earn a decent side income and experience something new. However, I would not rely on this to earn a stable income. It can be a good side-hustle that gets you some extra cash.

What do you think about being someone’s virtual friend? Did you already try it? What is your favorite way to earn money from home?

If the virtual friendship is not your thing, here are a few other ideas:

Make Money Online With File Sharing Pay-Per-Download sites

Get Paid To Listen To Music Online

Make money online by sharing short links