Free Alternatives To Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General)

Free Alternatives To Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General)

Do you feel that you are paying too much for your entertainment? Do you also feel that television these days is not like it used to be and is not worth paying for your Xfinity TV subscription anymore? Are you looking for free alternatives to Xfinity TV (and cable TV in general?) Don’t worry! You are not alone. Literally, thousands of people are cutting the cord every day. Even without a cable tv subscription, there are still plenty of free alternatives to watch your favorite movies, tv shows, and even sports events.

Skip the big commercial players in the streaming space – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. As some of you may already know well, the selection of movies and shows available on the major streaming services can be rather limiting. So even if you have memberships to all of them (which, by the way, makes cutting the cable pointless), chances are you will still miss a certain TV channel, movie, or TV show every once in a while.

The good news is, some free third-party streaming apps are just as good or even better as the leading streaming site giants. Moreover, these apps are 100% free. Thus, they open up your range of possibilities when it comes to content available to you.

What equipment do I need to access free alternatives to Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General)?

For starters, you can simply buy an areal antenna. This will give you an easy-to-use option for getting free HDTV broadcasts, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more. It is definitely the best option for viewing National networks and local channels without additional monthly fees.

However, in this article, I will focus on free streaming services. To use those, you need an internet connection and some streaming device. Although there are several good streaming devices which are not using the android operating system, in this article, I will cover only free streaming apps for android based equipment. This includes Android TV boxes, Smartphones, tablets, TV sets powered with android, Chrome cast devices with Google Tv, Nvidia streaming boxes, and Amazon Fire TV sticks.

Suppose you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this. In that case, I recommend you stick with Amazon Fire TV because Amazon TV devices are extremely cheap, and all applications from this list work perfectly fine on them.

My set up to get Free Alternatives To Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General)

EquipmentApp for Live TVApp for latest movies and TV ShowsFree live sports streaming website
Amazon Fire TV stickLocast / Live NetTVTubi / Cinema

Total costs:

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite – $24.99 (onetime payment)

Fiber Internet connection speeds up to 1,000mbps – $37.00 (per month)

VPN service – $2.99 (per month)

Free Alternatives To Cable TV

Before we go any further, due to the difficulty in determining whether a platform is legal or not, I have to make this statement:

I do not verify whether or not streaming platforms mentioned in this article carry the proper licensing for their broadcast content. This article has been written solely for educational purposes. My intent is not to encourage any illegal activities. The end-user shall be solely liable for any application or service used on their streaming devices. I strongly encourage you to use VPN services to protect your identity online. A VPN encrypts your connection to the Internet. In other words, a VPN will make you anonymous while using the Internet, so it will be impossible for your ISP to censor what you access online.

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Watch Movies, TV Shows and Live TV for Free

Although there are several tricks how to watch latest movies, TV Shows and Live TV for free, most common ways is to watch content via internet browser or to get it wit a help of mobile applications in this article I will focus on mobile applications, but it is worth to mention websites like or for live streaming sports events and and for live TV.

As I stated before, all of the mobile applications presented below, are made for Android devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Android TV, Android streaming boxes, or Amazon Fire TV stick. Most of them are not available on Playstore, but you can download them from several third-party app stores.
If you have never done it before, first, you have to go into the menu of your device and enable the option “Allow downloads from unknown sources.” Then simply download the desired application, go to the download folder and tap on the .apk file.

Applications for Free live TV

So, if you cut Xfinity TV or any other cable tv, first, you have to find free alternatives for Live Tv channels. Here free live TV streaming applications come into play. Most of the apps from this list offer users premium Live TV channels from all over the World and sports event streams, such as mma streams, live football streams, boxing streams, NFL streams, etc.

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LiveNet TV – one of the best Free Alternatives To Cable TV

If you are looking for a free Live TV app with an easy-to-use interface and a huge catalog of channels, Live NetTV is a must-try. This is probably the best free alternative To Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General) that enables thousands of premium Live TV channels and even live sports events.

LiveNet TV - one of the best Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The application has a good selection of sports and entertainment channels from all over the World. Moreover, it comes with a clean and easily understandable interface. TV channels are organized by country or various categories such as Entertainment, 24/7 Channels, Sports, and a lot more.

LiveNet TV - one of the best Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The app is updated regularly, and most of the channels work perfectly. In addition, the streaming quality is decent.

LiveNet TV - one of the best Free Alternatives To Cable TV

But that’s not all. LiveNetTV also has a dedicated streaming movies section and Live sports section with direct links to live sports events.

LiveNet TV - one of the best Free Alternatives To Cable TV

Live Net TV doesn’t require users to register on the app, and there are no subscription fees. Unfortunately, the application is not available on PlayStore, but you can download the latest .apk file from their official website or from an alternative source here.


Locast is a streaming service that offers access to local broadcasting in more than 30 cities in the US. The number of supported cities is growing fast an the actual list of supported cities is available in Even if your city is not listed, you can access Locast with the help of a VPN.

Locast - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

This service is free (kinda), and you’ll get local channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW, and PBS, all without paying a dime. But the service aggressively asks for donations, and the user experience is quite ruined for those who do not donate. Donation request cuts off live programming every 15 minutes and takes the user back to the live guide. To stop these interruptions, you must give a donation of a minimum of $5.50 per month.

Anyway, from my personal experience, if you watch the TV just once in a while and there is no better alternative, it is possible to use the Locast platform without paying a thing.
The picture quality isn’t always the sharpest, but it streams without buffering. The TV channel selection depends on what city you are in and what is available in your area.
Locast application is available on Google Playstore and Amazon app store.


Also, TvMOB (formerly known as TVTap) app is a good alternative to Xfinity TV (and Cable TV In General) that will save you money. TvMOB provides its users with a pleasant experience to watch live TV channels on android phones, tablets, or TV boxes. The application has solid uptime, and most of the streams are running flawlessly.
The app’s design is simple, with a clean interface. It features a list of TV channels and the logo of each channel.

TVMOB - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

At first, users see all available channels. Then, it is possible to filter them to select or eliminate some irrelevant channels. This keeps users from getting lost in the huge selection of channels and find exactly what they need.

One of the most interesting features of TvMob is, the app offers recommendations depending on what you’re watching. For example, suppose you’re watching a sports channel. In that case, you’ll see a selection of similar channels that you might be interested in at the bottom of the screen.

TVMOB - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

To install the TvMob app, you have to download and install the latest TVTap application (TvTap 2.7). The app will perform an auto-update and install TvMob v1.1 file on your device with a first-time run. Neither TvMob, nor TVTap is not available on Playstore, but you can download TvTap 2.7. apk file here or here.

Oreo TV

Oreo TV app surpasses its competition in terms of features and functionality and it is decent free alternative to Cable TV.

Besides Live Tv streams, it offers a ton of features for free. Unlike other applications from this list, the Oreo TV app aggregates different free Live TV service providers. It is definitely a worthy alternative to Xfinity TV in terms of quality and number of services (And Cable TV In General). Users can choose from a huge library with over 6000 live TV channels spread across the world. These include premium live tv channels from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many more.

OreoTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The Oreo TV App and all of its features are free to use! Users don’t have to create an account or sign-up. There are no drawbacks or limitations to you when using the application. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is not having enough time to enjoy all of the content available.

OreoTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

From my personal experience with this app, I can say that the stream quality is good and broken links are repaired quickly.

OreoTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

Also, this application is not available in PlayStote, but you can download it from different third-party app stores here or here.


ThopTv is an android web application that allows you to watch your favorite channels from various tv providers for free. It could be used as a free alternative to Xfinity TV (And Cable TV In General). Similar to Oreo TV also ThopTv aggregates different Live TV providers.

ThopTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

In total, the app offers more than 5000 different live tv streams. Users can easily find their favorite live tv channels from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many other countries.

ThopTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The stream quality is reasonably good. Most of the popular channels which I tested for this review works without any issues.

ThopTV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

Also, the ThopTv application is not available on PlayStore, but you can download it from different sources. For example here and here.


AOS TV is an Android app that enables you to watch over 1000 television channels on your mobile device for free of cost. Apart from the smartphones, AOS TV APK can also be installed on android tablets, Amazon FireStick, Android Boxes, and Smart Tv’s running android.
This app has grouped tv channels by country or category. It also has a trending section. Besides, AOS TV allows users to search channels by name or category.

AOS TV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

Users can also mark their favorite channels. Due large selection of sports channels, this application is a good option for all who are looking for live soccer streaming, MMA streams, or NFL live stream free online while on the go.

AOS TV - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The content provided by the AOS TV is not hosted on its own servers. Instead, developers of the app scrape the streaming links publicly available on the Internet and put them into the app. Therefore, some channels might be offline from time to time. Still, the developers of AOS TV are constantly monitoring the links to remove expired ones and replace them with new working streams.
This mobile application is not available on Playstore. Still, you can download it from several third-party app stores such as Dlandroid or Apkdone.

Swift streamz

Like many other apps from this list, Swift Streamz allows its users to watch live premium TV Channels free on any android device across the world. There is no pre-registration, subscription, or premium fee. It is completely free.
In this application, channels are grouped by country or by category. To access any available channels, you must first select its country of origin or category and select the channel you’re looking for.

Swift Streamz - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

The APP allows you to watch More than 700 Live TV Channels free on your Android Phone from across the world. It has a decent sports channel selection, and at the time of this review, most of the streams were working without any issues.

Swift Streamz - Free Alternatives To Cable TV

However, this platform is ad-supported. Sometimes, this can be quite annoying because users are always obligated to watch 30 sec before the live TV channel stream. Advertisement clip. On the positive side, the Swift Streamz app has really good uptime, and TV channel streams almost always are working fine.

Swift Streamz

The latest .apk file is available on their website.

How to watch the Latest TV shows and movies for free?

If you just cut your Cable TV, you will be surprised how many free premium grades streaming apps that enable the content with the latest movies and TV shows are out there. With this abundance, you might ask: “What are the best free apps for streaming?”.

Well, the answer is very subjective. You have to align your priorities – what you are looking for in a free streaming app. What type of content do you prefer? Are you looking for the latest blockbusters, or do you like good, old classics? Do you tend to watch series more than you watch movies? What kind of features is must-haves for you when it comes to free streaming? Answering these questions for yourself will be the most effective way to figure out which free streaming app is the best … for you.

Here I will run you through a few of my personal favorite free streaming apps, which, in my opinion, are decent substitutes for any paid streaming service.


First of all, I want to draw your attention to the app, Tubi. This is one of the few free streaming apps which you can download directly from Google Playstore or Apple app store. There fore this app should be among the first choices among Free Alternatives To Cable TV.

Tubi is my absolute favorite. It is a completely free app that has been around since 2014 and has accumulated millions of downloads from Android and iOS users. The platform is actually so popular that it was acquired by Fox in early 2020.
The platform is packed with thousands of TV shows and movies, all of which are entirely free to watch. It offers the perfect blend, if you ask me, of quality, quantity, and incredible site design and user-friendliness. It ticks all the boxes. In addition, you’ll find a robust library of recognizable movies from major studios like Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate.


Even though Tubi is 100% ad-supported, there aren’t quite as many ads as you might expect. Based on my personal experience, their commercial breaks are short (two to three minutes long) and only disrupt your viewing every 15 minutes or so. Realistically, you’d catch more commercial breaks watching public television.
Pair Tubi with Cinema HD, and you should be off to a great start.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD (also known by the names Cinema APK, Cinema v2, Cinema HD v2, etc.) has been one of the best streaming apps for a long time now. This app gives you access to a plethora of content, such as the latest movies and TV shows. In my opinion, this app is a nice companion to Tubi. In other words, what Tubi doesn’t have, Cinema HD does.


Unlike Tubi, which has its own dedicated servers, Cinema HD works by using scrapers to aggregate titles from across the web. CinemaHD’s engine then sorts and puts them in a category with the relevant cover art and a working link, creating an enormous library of constantly updated content.

The user interface is clean and easy to use with sortable categories and big cover art, making it pretty similar to Netflix. In addition, the app allows its users to search movies and TV shows by title or select by genre.

A large selection of fresh content and easiness to use makes this app almost irreplaceable for many cable cutters out there. Although Cinema HD is not available on PlayStore, You can download it directly from their official webpage or alternatively here .


BeeTV is another free application that aims to provide vast streaming content for free. Similar to Cinema HD also BeeTV is a crawler application, which crawls video links of media content. This streaming app is quite literally a poor man’s Netflix. You don’t have to pay any money to watch content, and there are hundreds of movies and TV shows available on the platform. Besides, the app doesn’t require any kind of registration to access the contents.


However, unlike Cinema HD, which is added free, BeeTv is add supported and displays short publicity video each time you try to exit it.

As opposed to other free streaming apps, BeeTv offers great stability. The app receives regular updates, and thus, the content and the features and functionalities are updated from time to time. This is an important factor as it shows the developer’s interest in the project and makes people commit to the platform – similar to what we’ve experienced with Cinema HD.

Also, BeeTV is not available in playstore, but you can download it from their developer’s site or also here.


Cracle is Sony’s free streaming platform. This well-established and, surprisingly, free application offers access to not only hundreds of television shows and movies but also some original content that is exclusive to the platform. Overall, Crackle’s content library seems to be similar to Tubi’s. It has not the latest TV Shows and Blockbusters, but there are a handful of good big-name movies from the past years.


Crackle is supported by video ads that run before and in the middle of content. However, the number of commercials you’ll see on the service is much less than what you’d typically expect to see while watching a similar piece of content on public television. For example, the movie with a total length of 1:43:33 has only 8 commercial breaks.
Since crackle is official Sony’s application, you can download it directly from the Playstore.


If we are talking about free alternatives to cable TV, Catmouse is the application which should not be ignored. This is an online video streaming Android application with a huge and constantly updated catalog with the latest movies and TV shows. It is quite similar to Cinema HD and can be used as Cinema HD backup. According to regular users, the servers behind this app are continuously getting better. This means the new features are added, and the content library is regularly updated with the latest movies and TV shows.


The app has a similar layout Cinema HD. In settings, users can choose between TV shows and Movies. Users also can do a search or navigate through different categories.

Catmouse is easy to use, and it gives the users an experience close to those you experience with amazon prime or Netflix. The app is not available in Playstore, but it is easy to find alternative download sources such as this one.

Freeflix HQ

Also, Freeflix HQ is a great free application with solid performance. Like other apps mentioned before, Freeflix HQ allows you to access and enjoy tons of multimedia content. The app’s design is straightforward and intuitive, and modus operandi is practically the same as CinemaHD. The app is aggregating content from across the web.

Freeflix HQ

Using FreeFlix HQ is very simple; its design is natural and intuitive. From the lateral sliding menu, you can see everything it offers in an organized way: movies, TV shows, Live TV, anime, on-demand TV, WWE, music, news, and much more. So no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

The app is not available in Playtore, but you can download it from several independent sources, for example, here, here or here.

Let’s wrap it up!

Whether you are a new cord cutter and just started to search for free alternatives to cable TV or a live streaming service customer looking to cut your expenses, there are a lot of possibilities to watch most of the live TV channels and stream tons of popular movies and TV shows for free. All you need is an areal antenna (ideally), a stable internet connection, and some cheap, android based streaming device.

I do realize that the scope of this goalpost is