Get Paid To Listen To Music Online! The Side Hustle Anyone Can Do

Get Paid To Listen To Music Online! The Side Hustle Anyone Can Do

No matter you are staying at home mom, or just a teenager, everyone loves music. Listening to music is fun. But did you know that you can get paid to listen to music online?

As crazy as it sounds, you can actually make some money out of this beautiful hobby of yours! Let me share a few platforms that allow you to listen to music and get paid.

This article will steer you toward several online platforms that will pay you to listen and review music or transcribe lyrics. The amount you can earn will vary widely among these platforms, as will the requirements and duties they request of you.

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Get paid to listen to music online

Cash4minutes is an innovative platform that can turn unused mobile minutes into cash simply by listening to internet radio broadcasts.

To get paid, you just need to call a given number and listen to live radio stations through this platform.
Here is how it works:

  1. Sign Up! Set up your unique user profile and add all the numbers you will be dialing from.
  2. Dial to the given number and listen to the music.
  3. Get Paid

Joining this platform is pretty much straight forward. Once you fill up your credentials, you’ll receive your login details through email.

After the registration, you should add your phone number, which you will use to make calls to their system. When it is done, you can start to make calls and listen to the radio.

Here is a short video tutorial.

This side hustle can make you around $.05 to .10 per minute ($3-6 per hour). You can also earn through referring friends (a percentage based on how much they make).

As stated in their webpage, there is a minimum threshold level of 20 units before being eligible to request the release of funds.

You will be notified via the portal when units are ready to be released and paid to you. There are several withdrawal options, such as bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, or Amazon vouchers. You can also give all your hard-earned money to your chosen charity.


The Side Hustle that anyone can do

Slice the Pie allows music artists to submit their work so that the listeners can give them valuable feedback on it. The platform is mainly used by newer musicians who haven’t really made it yet.

To get paid, you must listen to at least 90 seconds of a song to review it and rate it on a scale of one to 10. The longer and more detailed your review, the more you can earn. Reviews must be written in good English.

The site pays between 2 cents and 20 cents per review but appears to pay an average of 10 cents. The exact amount of remuneration you can receive varies depending on a few different factors, including your star rank and experience. If your reviews are consistently good quality, your star rank will go up, and so will your pay.

You can withdraw your earnings twice per week from this website. However, you need to accumulate at least the $10 withdrawal limit to transfer your earning.

Here is a short video review of this platform.


PlaylistPush review

Do you want to get paid to listen to new songs? PlaylistPush provides the opportunity for music lovers from all over the world to get paid to listen to music online.

PlaylistPush allows users to monetize the playlists they have on Spotify, Apple Music, and several other music platforms and apps. The only requirement is your playlist need to have at least 400 followers.

Through PlaylistPush, artists can pitch their songs directly to the playlist creators to get more significant exposure. As a listener, you can review the song and add it to your playlist if you like it.

Usually, PlaylistPush pays around $1 per song review. Still, It can go as high as $12 per song, depending on your follower base’s size.

Payouts are done directly to your bank account, and you can request them anytime.
Here is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make money on PlaylistPush.


Get paid for for listening and reviewing songs.

HitPredictor is another platform that pays its users for listening and reviewing songs. The platform gives you the power to directly influence new music before it’s released to mainstream.

They publish new songs on their website so that users can listen to them and give their feedback. Besides reviewing songs, it is also possible to give a rating to new artists.

Sign up is pretty much straight forward and just takes a few minutes. You have to fill out your basic information, create a password, and choose your favorite style of music.

After your account will be confirmed, you will be able to listen and rate tracks and leave comments.

For each rating you get 3 points. You can make 3 points every 2 minutes, or approximately 90 points in an hour!

As an added bonus, if you rate 15 songs in a 7-day period you will get 15 points for free!

In return for your feedback, HitPredictor pays some fee for this. Currently it is around $5 for every 30 minutes that you spend on their platform, listening and reviewing new music.
However, you can only redeem your earnings through Amazon gift cards.


RadioEarn |

RadioEarn is a platform that allows you to make some money by listening to online radio stations. All you need is to create an account on RadioEarn and get hooked to live radio stations.

The platform is entirely free, and you can use it worldwide. The onboarding is effortless.

You have to create a profile just by filling in your credentials. Once you get the approval, you can then directly listen to various radio channels right from this website’s dashboard.

But there is more! Suppose you have a blog or any other kind of website. In that case, you can connect it with RadioEarn, so that visitors of your website can listen to the online radio through your website. You will get paid all the time when your visitors are using this service.

You earn 0.25 points for every 15 minutes you or visitors of your site (if you have one) spend on any radio stations offered by the platform (by the way, you can put the radio on the mute and still count it, the condition is just to leave them open in the browser).

The points change automatically at the beginning of the month, 1000 points = 3,00 $. Payment is made within a maximum of 35 business days. Minimum payment is $ 5,00 .
You can withdraw through PayPal, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Amazon Gift Cards.


Current Rewards is a lock screen app for smartphones and tablets that allows you to tune in to 100,000+ live radio stations from all over the world.

The app is available in both – Apple Store and Google Play Store.

After installation, you can just swipe up your lock screen to directly access the radio stations of your preference. You can sort your preferences according to genres or even famous music artists.

For each minute you spend listening to the radio stations, they will give you points. You can directly redeem those points once you accumulate enough of them.

You’ll earn rewards for:

  • Listening to music trending lists.
  • Streaming unlimited music stations worldwide, in real-time.
  • Music background play.
  • Playing Top Radio Music Mixes

On average, you get 12 points per song. Supposedly this will go up depending on how much of your profile you completed and how long your session of listening is.

According to the company, you can make up to $120 per year just by using this unique app.

The earnings you can withdraw through your PayPal account.

Other Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

Besides the platforms mentioned above, there are several other ways to get paid to listen to music. The most obvious is to teach yourself to become a DJ or music producer.
Sonic Producer is one of the best online beats making software even if you are a complete beginner. It is by far the EASIEST, most advanced Beat Maker software EVER DEVELOPED!
But there is more! Enter our MONTHLY BEAT CONTEST and win some COLD HARD CASH!!! That’s right, each and every month Sonic Producer hand out a COOL HUNDRED BUCKS to one lucky WINNER. Enter every month!!

Create a Blog About Music

Let’s suppose you’re targeting fans of local rock music. You must focus outreach on things like:

  • Live rock events
  • Rock music festivals
  • Social media pages related to rock music in general

Networking is an essential component of any blog. You just have to create connections with local artists, music labels, and organizers of music festivals and events. In the end, if you manage to get a steady readers base, artists and record labels will pay for promotion on your page. 

You can study other successful music blogs like Pitchfork or Your EDM to better understand what works well. 

The good news is that creating a blog is quite simple. You can start a blog with Hostinger for only $1.99/month and get a free domain name along the way

Here is more info on How to Start a WordPress Blog.

Listen to Your Own Playlists

With the right apps, you can also make money by listening to your own playlists. For instance, Nielsen is an excellent app to make money listening to music.

This company does a lot of market research. If you download the app, you give Nielsen access to your musical activities. They will then compensate you for your participation in their research.

With the Nielsen app, it is possible to make around $50 per year. I know, it might not sound like much, but you are getting this for literally doing nothing extra. Just listen to the music from your playlists.

You can find the app on both Google Play and the App Store.

Participate in Focus Groups

As mentioned, many online platforms pay you to participate in music research. For example, websites like Earnably and Swagbucks do this by conducting focus group discussions.

“What are focus groups?”, You might ask.

Focus groups are one of the research methods used to gather feedback and opinions from customers. Focus groups are typically used to collect opinions and gather information from users about products, services, and features before they have been developed. Each person in the group is encouraged to participate in a discussion which is pre-planned by a researcher and is guided by a facilitator.

Think of them as a group conversation. There will be a moderator in the group chat, guiding the discussion.
By the way, usually, focus groups pay more than other forms of participatory research.

Complete Paid Surveys About Musics

Apart from focus groups, you can also complete online surveys. Websites and apps like Fusioncash, Unique Rewards, and InboxDollars often conduct surveys related to new songs and artists.

With these websites, you can earn up to $300 per month. All you have to do is listen to songs or watch videos and complete survey panels about them.

Transcribe Lyrics

You can find multiple online transcription jobs that include lyrics transcription. For example, WeLocalize pays around $4 per transcription. To join their team of transcriptionists, you should apply on their website.

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As you see now, there are many ways to get paid to listen to music online. While it may sound unbelievable at first, with the right resources, you can eventually make some extra cash by listening to music online.

However, since supply exceeds demand, these gigs don’t pay as well as regular jobs. You can use them as a side hustle but not as a primary source of income.