How To Make money on NiteFlirt

How To Make money on NiteFlirt

Have you ever dreamed about lucrative side hustle that could give you the freedom you’ve always wanted? Even if you don´t have any special skills, a pleasant voice and a good moan are the assets which can bring you a significant amount of money thanks to companies like NiteFlirt.

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You might think that nowadays with abundance of free porn, camera phones, and Tinder, phone sex turn to dust as a DVD in an age of streaming, but actually, Google trends confirm that demand for phone sex is the same as it is for sexting or cam sex.

How To Make money on NiteFlirt

Now that so many more people are both jobless and housebound, the ranks of phone-sex operators are swelling. Women’s Health magazine stresses that phone sex, in particular, is enjoying a renaissance, and advice for long-distance eroticism proliferates at a heated rate.

I know, at first, you might think that phone sex is about selling sex, but in reality, it is about enabling an escapist fantasy.
So, let’s explore this unusual side hustle together. This is my review How to make money on NiteFlirt.

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What is NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt is one of the leading phone-sex platforms where independent phone sex operators called “Flirts” have the option to offer phone sex, email, video, text-based chat, recorded calls, and pre-prepared offerings called “Goodies” to their clients. Interested individuals can choose services from thousands of real men, women, and transgenders registered on the platform.

NiteFlirt review

Basically, the platform offers something for everyone. Even if you are a dude on your late twenties or bored housewife, you’ll have hundreds of hot “Flirts” to help you explore your wildest fantasies. Whether you like men, women, or transsexuals, they are all available and waiting for you there.
NiteFlirt operates under a relatively strict set of rules. So, it is fairly regulated what is and isn’t allowed via their service. This offers a solid layer of protection for both – “Flirts” and customers.

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Is NiteFlirt Legit

Yes, NiteFlirt is well established and legit company. According to Better Business Bureau the company has been around since 2007 and is based in San Francisco, California. Here are their official requisites:
Company’s name: NF Entertainment, LLC and
Address: 182 Howard Street, # 418, San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (800) 863-5478
Business Management: Mr. Erin Martinez, Manager
Besides, NetFlirt is strongly regulated. For example, according to platforms´ rules, it is forbidden to use NiteFlirt to transmit, route, provide connections to, or store any material that infringes the copyrighted works or violates or promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party.
It is also not allowed nudity or pornographic materials on the platform. NiteFlirt does not permit photos of sex toys or images of models engaging in sexually explicit activity, even if graphics cover that activity.

However, members can send nudity and pornographic content via NF Mail and Chat and sell them in Goody Bags.

How to become a “Flirt” on NiteFlirt?

According to NiteFlirt manager Erin Martinez, the number of persons who have joined the site as phone-sex operators has grown nearly 50 percent since mid-March 2020, and NiteFlirt handles around 10 percent more calls than usual.
Probably that’s because the onboarding process on NiteFlirt is pretty much straight forward.
Literally, anyone can be a “Flirt”. Your appearance does not matter as long as you can conjure a world of sensual fantasies for your interlocutor.

To become a “Flirt” on NiteFlirt, you must visit the official website and click on the “Become a Flirt” option at the bottom of the page.

How to become a “Flirt” on NiteFlirt

First, you will be asked to verify your age. In order to do that, you will have to enter credit or debit card information. The platform will process $1.00 to verify your age.

Next, you will have to create your username, password, and agree to NiteFlirt Terms of Service.

Finally, you have to confirm your e-mail and that’s it. From this point, you can start to create your profile page and offer your services.

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Who can be a “Flirt”?

Since this side hustle requires little more than some spare time and an internet connection, talking dirty over the phone has long been a practical option for people who are stuck at home. According to Erin Martinez, many NiteFlirt operators are rural, agoraphobic, or even disabled.
Basically, the only requirement to join the NiteFlirt is to be at least 18 years old. So, whether you are a student, a mature man, or a bored housewife, if you have the desire, internet access, and enough free time, you can join the ranks of NiteFlirt “Flirts.”
In addition to the US and Canada, NiteFlirt supports calls within a range of countries, including the UK, Australia, Mexico, Germany, and New Zealand. However, they only payout to US bank accounts via Direct Deposit or by a real-world paper check sent in the mail. For many non-US residents, the lack of a more flexible payout option such as Paxum may be a deal-breaker.

How much money can you make on NiteFlirt?

On average, it is possible for “Flirt” to make $3000 – $4000 per month for live and recorded three-hour daily call sessions. This calculation is backed by some NiteFlirt seller income report posted on camgirl support forums.

How To Make money on NiteFlirt

On NiteFlirt, the minimum fee for Recorded Listings is $0.99 per Minute. You keep 50% of the earnings you collect for Recorded Listings and 70% for Paid Mail, and the flirt for LIVE calls. In addition, the platform charges a connection fee for all live interaction between flirts and Niteflirt members.
For example, if you set a price of $4.99 per Minute, here is how it looks with real numbers:
Price Per Minute that customers will see: $4.99
Connection Charge: – $0.20
NiteFlirt Fee: – $1.43
You will earn (per Minute): $3.36
Additionally, “Flirts” also can sell Goody Bags with one or more digital files (e.g., photos, videos, audio files, etc.).

How to succeed on NiteFlirt?

Working on a big platform like NiteFlirt can be challenging. On one side, high traffic to the website may increase your chances of connecting with clients. On the other, you will always be competing among a large pool of sellers, so you have to stand out from the crowd to be successful. Here are some essential tips on how to succeed on this platform shared by one of the “flirts” on the camgirls forum:

  1. Sell videos, pictures, and especially your skype ID on your Ad and profile. Use the payment buttons like they are going out of style!
  2. Use HTML in your profile and ad! If you don’t know HTML, use an HTML generator to create a unique ad that represents your personality.
  3. Take a picture every day of what you are wearing and send mail to your customers with the picture to remind them of who you are and what you look like.
  4. AFTER a customer has given feedback, send them a free minute with a thank you. We aren’t allowed to offer them free minutes for feedback, but if they give feedback without us offering them anything, we can reward them anyway.
  5. Use the bidding system to promote your ad! You don’t have to spend more than $1.00 every couple of days! I promise! I spend $3.00 a week tops, and I am number #1 in 2/3 of my categories almost every day of the week.
  6. Use Skype’s renaming feature to rename customers by how many minutes they last on the phone. That way, if two of them want to call at the same time, you prioritize the caller who gives you a longer call.
  7. Do NOT think that just because most of the girls are at $1.99 for Phone with Cam you have to be too! If you are at $3.00/minute consistently on other sites, then list your $3.00/min rate. There are many guys who won’t call girls at that low of a rate because they think they are (excuse me) trash. Raise your rate!

Here is also the video about tips and tricks on how models can make the platform accommodate all of their needs.

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NiteFlirt user Reviews

I was able to track down testimonies of past and present “Flirts” of the platform reasonably easily. Due to the platform’s size and popularity, there is quite a lot of information on many trust assessment websites, forums, and online message boards like Reddit.
From the seller’s or “Flirts” perspective, the opinion sentiment is generally favorable. For example, on GlassDoor, currently, there are 14 reviews, and NiteFlirt scores four stars from 5.

Niteflirt Glassdoor

Users emphasize that the platform is lucrative side hustle even for those who never worked in the industry before.

Phone sex

Also, on several forums, there are mainly positive reviews.


The main positive points of this side hustle are highlighted:

  • You don’t need to get dressed. You can take calls in your housecoat;
  • You can sell clips;
  • You can bid for exposure;
  • You will be paid & online.

Similar platforms to NiteFlirt

NiteFlirt is undoubtedly one of the most popular phone sex platforms out there. Still, if you don’t want to put all eggs in one basket or have an issue with NiteFlirt payout options, there are several alternatives.


TalkToMe is definitely one of the closest NiteFlirt’s competitors. On this platform, performers can make money with live talks, one-on-one talks, private anonymous conversations, and even sexting, emails, and voicemails. So, opportunities to make a decent income are endless.
If it seems something that suits you, here’s what you need to do to become a phone sex operator for TalkToMe.


iWantPhone is another network that specializes in Phone sex. It is powered by the iWantClips. iWantPhone is constantly seeking new performers to be PSOs on the site! Here is all the information on becoming a phone sex operator on iWantPhone.


PhoneStars claims to be the nation’s adult telecommunications company. Also, PhoneStars has a strong reputation in the industry, and they offer legitimate phone sex operator jobs with flexible working hours and a decent income for your hard work. You can apply as a performer here.


PhoneEntertainers business model differs from other companies mentioned here because it is not a platform; instead they hire the performers as employees. Here’s the link to the application form.


If you’re not allured that a large phone sex platform like NiteFlirt is the right match for you, a more adjustable paid chat platform like Premium.Chat might sparkle your interest.
Premium.Chat captivates many adult industry professionals, although it’s usability doesn’t end there. A vast diversity of online professionals are earning money with Premium.Chat.

From tech consultants to life or business coaches, from adult performers to phone sex operators! The platform’s adaptable usability is the main reason why such a broad spectrum of online entrepreneurs chooses it.

Signing up with Premium.Chat is completely free, and there are no monthly charges. With Premium.Chat you can expect a transparent percentage fee for the use of the platform. It also gives you an access to great analytics so that you can track your progress.
Premium.Chat pay sellers on a monthly basis, just like NiteFlirt. Still, you will be able to select between Direct Deposit and PayPal payouts for greater convenience.

This is an effortless way to get paid to be a phone sex operator without intermediaries.

Let´s wrap it up

There are many ways to make some extra money. If you are an open-minded and creative individual, phone sex could be a tremendous and lucrative side hustle.

Speaking of lucrative side hustles, over the last few years, the number of influencers who are part of the adult entertainment industry and are called performers has increased on social networks. Fancentro is an uncensored social media, where fans and adult content creators (performers) can connect! FanCentro enables Performers to directly sell private content through a media feed, as well as chatting functionality between Performers and their subscribers. As a requirement for opening an account in FanCentro, Performers have to provide a digital copy of government-issued ID for age verification purposes. After this verification step, FanCentro, for a fraction of the paid subscriptions, handles all of the necessary transactions and administrative activities.

Since NiteFlirt is one of the largest and most reputable phone sex platforms, it is definitely the right palace to start if you decided to go down this way.

The platform is totally legit and ideal for anyone looking to make extra cash to pay off their bills a little bit faster or simply add some cushion to their savings account.
If you have an open and creative mind, spare time, and adventurous spirit, go for it… Phone sex is not about sex; it is all about letting your imagination run wild!

If not, you can try to make money with sexting or sell your content on Fancentro / Modelcentro platforms,