Easy way to set up own website for adult content creators

Easy way to set up own website for adult content creators

Do you want to create your very own personal fan site today and make money from your adult content every month FOR FREE?! So, this article is for you!

Your personal paid adult content website could be your outlet for showcasing yourself, engaging with your fan base, and generating revenue via your paid monthly subscriptions.

The story goes that adult websites can generate an incredible amount of traffic. However, usually, if you are looking to set up your own adult website, there are many things you have to consider. These potential considerations include a good Web hosting provider, reliable payment processors for porn, and good UX design and optimization to boost a site’s ranking. However, there is a smarter way how to deal with these hassles. ModelCentro is a platform that allows you to set up your personal website to monetize and grow your existing fan base into monthly recurring revenues and it’s 100% FREE to set up a Personal Paid Fan Site.

ModelCentro – easy way to create your own adult website

What is ModelCentro?

ModelCentro is a feature-packed platform that lets you easily create and manage your own adult content website with no start-up fees, so you can build your brand and run your business and make money while offline.

With ModelCentro, you, the performer have the ability to host any legal videos and pictures you want on your site. The platform enables you to develop your personal brand and image and make lots of money. It’s safe, easy, and super versatile! When you’re setting up your ModelCentro site (which is crazy easy, btw.) you can make it subscription based, or you can create as a Clip Store.

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What are ModelCentro main features?

There are so many great features available to you with ModelCentro. They have premade layouts, each with several different color schemes for you to choose from for your website. Every aspect of your site can be personalized with pics and text of your choosing. This allows every creator to have a unique-looking website.

They make uploading content incredibly easy with their simple-to-use uploaders. With just a few clicks you can upload videos and photosets to your website from your computer or phone. Once uploaded, you can also edit the order of your photos, choose a cover image and screenshots for your videos, create title, descriptions, tags, and many other details.

You can choose to show your content only to paying members or have it free to everyone as a teaser. You also choose whether or not you want to allow your content to be downloaded by your members.

ModelCentro allows you to stream live shows via their own browser app or an external encoder. You have several options there- to do a public show that anyone can view, a members-only show that can only be viewed by all members of your website, or a private show for select member(s). During the show, members can chat with you and send you tips. Once your show is complete, the whole thing is automatically saved to your Uploads page. From there you can download it for editing, publish it as is to your website, or delete it.

Besides, you can also upload live shows that you’ve done in the past (if you have saved them on your computer or phone) to your Recorded Live Shows page.

Btw, ModelCentro is integrated with Streamate. If you are camming on Streamate, you can greatly increase your profits by connecting your ModelCentro website to your Streamate account. It is pretty much automated, so when you connect your accounts, a banner will be generated on your Streamate profile. When your fans click that banner, they’ll be able to sign-up for your ModelCento website. Streamate and ModelCentro both keep a percent of your earnings when you get sign-ups this way. Your fans’ membership will automatically renew each month until they cancel. Your earnings will show on your Streamate earnings page, not your ModelCentro earnings page and you will be paid through Streamate.

There are so many other great features you get with ModelCentro. When signing up, you will get a free .xxx domain for the first year. You can integrate your Amazon wishlist into your website, your SkyPrivate account for Skype shows, your VerifiedCall account, and all of your social media accounts. You can also easily connect your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts. You’re able to share your personal stories, updates, etc. via your own blog. You can also let your fans know what you have planned for the future from your calendar.

In short, this is what you get with ModelCentro:

  • SynC — SynC lets you share your content across multiple tube sites, which means more income for you!
  • Referral Program — Referring a friend to ModelCentro will get you more than a nicer gift on your birthday…with the ModelCentro referral program you’ll get a percentage of every sale they make without cutting into their profits!
  • Weekly Payouts — Just like FanCentro, you’ll see weekly payouts from your ModelCentro site.
  • Site hosting — You can freely use any new or existing domain name for your MC site – using a simple setup process. You don’t even need to purchase a domain to get started, as ModelCentro provides you with an ability to get a free domain for 1 year, or point your own domain if you have one!
  • Unlimited content hosting — There’s no limit to the amount of content you can upload to your site.
  • Worldwide Content Delivery Network
  • Site maintenance
  • User support — Receive 24/7 support from our incredible team of account managers
  • Account management — We’ll handle billing and other accounting related issues on your behalf.
  • Content processing
  • Various promotional integrations
  • Affiliate program – CentroProfits, our affiliate program, is an incredible way to promote your site to new traffic.
  • Billing solution
  • Content syndication with major networks and tube sites for extra promotion
  • Your privacy is incredibly important to ModelCentro. They’ll never reveal any of your personal information. As far as geo-blocking goes, you’re able to block by country, city, state, and IP address.
Get your own website with ModelCentro.com! Your Site. Your Style. Your Business!

How much money you can make with ModelCentro?

The earnings you can make from ModelCentro are endless! The registration on ModelCentro is FREE and there are no upfront, maintenance or cancellation fees, only a percentage taken from each sign-up/renewal. From direct traffic, there is a 10% payment processing fee taken out and then 25% taken from the remaining amount. So essentially you keep 65% from all sign-ups through direct traffic. If the member is referred from one of your affiliates, there is an affiliate share taken out based on your affiliate program details.

A lot of your traffic probably will come from you advertising your own website via your social media accounts or camming profiles. If you enable your affiliate program, you’ll also get traffic and sign-ups from them. ModelCentro gives frequent shout-outs from their models.xxx Twitter account. Aside from that, you can enable models.xxx promotion, which will automatically promote your new content on their models.xxx blog.

ModelCentro -easy way to create your own adult fan site.

When and how often do I get paid?

ModelCentro make pay outs weekly, every Tuesday (except on major holidays, when payments are made the following business day), beginning the 3rd week after your registration (if your income meets the minimum payout requirements for your selected payment method). A two-week hold is required by payment processors in order to have a reserve for covering any chargebacks and justified refunds from your members that may occur.​

To receive your money, you can select from Paxum, Check, Wire,  ACH (for the USA only) or SEPA (for Europe) payout methods.

For different payout methods, there is a minimum that must be met before payout. That minimum is $100 for checks and Payoneer, $50 for Paxum, and $500 for a wire transfer. When logging in to your Dashboard, your all-time revenue, the amount on hold, and the next payout information are all displayed for you.

Is it easy to use ModelCentro?

The ModelCentro dashboard is incredibly easy to use. Everything is laid out in a way that makes it easy to find. All of the different sections have great descriptions that let you know what each feature does and how to use it. If for whatever reason you’re having trouble finding something, they have a built-in guide that can help you.

When you first sign up, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager. If you’re ever experiencing any problems, have a question, or need something updated on your site that you can’t do yourself, you can email your account manager and/or support.


Overall, ModelCentro are one of the leading CMS platforms in the industry and they excel in every aspect of what they offer! If you’re a performer looking to start your own adult membership-based website, they are the best option to go with, in my opinion. Not only is the payout one of the highest in the industry, but the platform is incredibly easy to use and provides you with a lot of freedom.

Aren´t you convinced already? C’mon, it’s easy! Run your own site with NO maintenance and start your own journey to financial independence now!

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